Jindřiška Waňková, Marie Gottfriedová and Jitka Löblová
Trmice Elementary School Team

The idea of a project with a Holocaust theme was born during the anti-neo-Nazi march that passed through Trmice in 2009. The children asked questions and together we searched for answers on the subject of racial intolerance, we talked about genocide and about the Holocaust. It was clear that the topic of the Holocaust must never be forgotten.

So that is how the project called “Searching for the Langweils ” began. Through it we decided to inform youngsters how radicalization springs from ignorance, lack of information, and the manifestations of intolerance that people see in their immediate surroundings.

We used historical facts and told the stories of actual people using their real names; we spoke of their families and their destiny because we wanted to show where radicalization can lead and how long it takes for society to deal with it.

The project was supported within the pillar called People with People.

“Understanding the past is one of the tools we need to live better lives now and in the future.”

The “Searching for the Langweils” project was implemented by the Elementary School of Trmice, Tyršova 482.

The main mission of the “Spolek pod Studencem” Society is to care for cultural heritage, nature conservation and the development of good relationships, cultivating cultural and social life in the villages around Studenec in the Českokamenicko Microregion and its surroundings.

Renovation of the “Na Studenci” Lookout Tower

The Ústí Community Foundation supported our very first project – Promotion of the “Na Studenci” Lookout Tower. The main goal of this project was to produce and distribute postcards. The money collected from the postcards was used for the reconstruction of the second oldest metal lookout tower in Bohemia, situated on Studenec Hill. After 14 years of effort, thanks to the support of many donors the tower opened to the public on June 21, 2009.

More projects supported by the Foundation.

  • The “Pod Studencem” Landscape over Time – the panoramic presentation of the Českokamenicko Micro-region.
  • Restoration research and the renovation of the paintings of St. John´s Stone Chapel-Shrine from 1760.

The Foundation became the main partner of the Society and we greatly appreciate this cooperation and wish to express our thanks to it.

Jitka Tůmová, President of the Executive Board of the “Spolek Pod Studencem” Society

The project was supported within the pillar called People and Places.

Jindřiška graduated from TU- Dresden thanks to the scholarship from the Renesance Fund

a few weeks ago I received a Bachelor’s degree. I studied social teaching and work at TU- Dresden.

During my studies, I learned many things, gained basic orientation in the area of work and life, improved my language skills, met interesting people and experienced and saw lots of amazing things. My actual studies in Dresden were (and are) an amazing experience. In addition, I spent an entire year in Vienna studying life in a different country thanks to the ERASMUS Exchange Program. I also went to India for two months to study yoga and the culture of this interesting country. I spent the last year in Dresden doing mandatory training and writing my Bachelor thesis.

Now I’m starting a Master’s degree and I’m excited about it. Thanks to the support given to me at the difficult beginning, the door to an amazing world of endless possibilities has opened for me.

Thank you
Jindřiška Martínková

The project was supported within the pillar called People to the Future.

Jindřiška was a successful scholarship applicant in 2013, at that point still as a grammar school student.

Thanks to donations from dozens of donors from local companies and individuals every year, we can support over 100 projects of non-profit organizations, informal initiatives and individuals, especially in the districts of Děčín, Litoměřice, Louny, Teplice and Ústí nad Labem. In total it amounts to more
than CZK 3 million.