Chci darovat

“For a long time, our company has been looking for ways to effectively help in our region. We were happy to take the opportunity to link our name with the Ústí Community Foundation. We have become partners in the education programme. Our aim is to give young people the chance to develop their talents and fulfil their dreams in the best possible conditions. We want to enable those who, for various reasons, do not have the same starting point to develop their education in the same way that others can.”

Zdeněk Mráz, Sales Director of ARMEX ENERGY, a partner of the programme “Education for All”

“I decided to systematically cooperate with the Ústí Community Foundation mainly because I believe that giving and supporting philanthropy is an important thing. Everybody should contribute to the realization of a useful and good cause within his or her means. By working closely with the Foundation and supporting specific projects, I can help to implement interesting activities in the region where I live and feel good about the money spent effectively.”

Andrea Bednářová, Managing Director of ENVIROCONT s.r.o., partner of the “Don’t stand with your hands behind your back” programme

“Although I live in Prague because of my business activities, I have a strong relationship with the Ústí nad Děčín region, where I come from. I am fully aware that this is a region that is struggling with many problems. On the other hand, there are many people living here who are trying to change this place for the better. This was one of the many reasons why I decided to work with the Ústí Community Foundation. For me, the Foundation is an entity that knows how to find these people and support them in their efforts. And I am proud to support their efforts with funds that are efficiently managed and directed where they are needed most.”

Michal Košek, CEO of eMan a.s., partner of the program “Don’t stand with your hands behind your back”