Funds through which it is possible to apply for financial help during the open grant rounds.

You can find detailed information on how to obtain financial support from the Fund at the time of the call for applications here.

  • The AGC Automotive Czech Fund supports the development of technical education through the Technowizz competition
  • AIR PRODUCTS Fund for the environs of Děčín and Litvínov
  • The ARMEX ENERGY Fund is focused on education for children and young people
  • The HENNLICH Fund supports the activities of young people in Litoměřice through the program “Litoměřice – Live City – That’s You”
  • Chart Ferox Fund supports the activities of its employees, which is focused on the civil engagement
  • The LOGIT Fund supports the development of the Podbořany Microregion
  • The Miroslav Dušánek Fund helps people with visual impairments
  • The RYKO Fund helps its employees and the Děčín Region
  • The HEURÉKA Educational Fund contributes to the training of primary and secondary school teachers
  • The Open Grant Fund contributes to the development of the Districts of Děčín, Litoměřice, Teplice and Ústí nad Labem
Funds which are used to collect donations from multiple donors for specific purposes.

Help and join us with your donation.

  • The Karolínka Fund helps to support a girl, who after the death of her mother, found herself in a difficult life situation
  • The Leaning Tower Fund is collecting money to re-open the leaning tower of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Ústí nad Labem
Funds, where the founder of the fund decides on the use of the donations.

Open grants are not announced for these funds.

  • Black & Decker Fund
  • Jotun Fund
  • KS Kolbenschmidt CZ Fund
  • NYYLO Fund
  • Pavla and Pavel Redlich Funds
  • Terezka and Sára Fund