Chci darovat

Support of the women’s firefighting team SH ČMS – Volunteer Fire Brigade Boletice nad Labem and the fire races organized by them through the Chart Ferox Fund.

The fund set up by our foundation can be imagined as a smart bank account to which you, your company, or perhaps your friends send funds over the long term. The money accumulates in the account and when it reaches the amount needed or when there is a need to use it to fulfill the charitable mission of the fund, it goes from the account to the selected non-profit organization.

When is it time to start your fund?

The moment you want:

  • Give a strategic and long-term dimension to your giving,
  • systematically use tax benefits associated with donation or tools for effective donation,
  • to control the impact of their philanthropy,
  • to attract more donors to “their” philanthropic causes,
  • to make your philanthropy “readable” to prospective donors, employees or partners.

What can you expect if you decide to set up a fund?

  • A decision about the charitable purpose or purposes you want to help.
  • Preparation of the Statute of the Fund – part of the Statute of the Fund is the formulation of the mission, i.e. the specification of the charitable focus of the Fund.
  • The first donation to the Fund, the launch of its activities and the first endowment contributions in accordance with the Fund’s Statute, all with the background and expertise of our Foundation.
  • And at the end, a warm philanthropic experience awaits you.

If you are thinking about starting your own fund with our foundation, please contact Kateřina Valešová, the director of the foundation, and arrange a meeting.

tel. office: +420 731 474 688