Chci darovat

“Understanding the past is one of the tools we need to live better lives now and in the future.”

The “Searching for the Langweils” project was implemented by the Elementary School of Trmice, Tyršova 482.

We support the non-profit activities of individuals, informal groups and non-profit organizations operating mainly in the districts of Děčín, Litoměřice, Louny, Teplice and Ústí nad Labem through the following two programs.

Programme: We’re having fun here

The aim is to promote public activities that co-create a specific atmosphere in the locality and make the place attractive to live in. We want to contribute to strengthening the sense of belonging and relationship with the place where we live by actively involving local people. To contribute to strengthening moral values and individual responsibility, developing local civic engagement, building good interpersonal and neighbourhood relations and reducing social tensions.

  • Programme: Don’t stand with your hands behind your back!
  • Programme to support Litvínov and its surroundings
  • Programme to support the Podbořanska micro-region

Programme: Education is cool

Those who want to fan the flames must themselves burn. The credo is to promote education within modern trends. To contribute to the confident growth and preparation of the young generation for an active life. To encourage creativity and independent thinking. To educate towards prospective employment and personal development. We want to encourage long-term educational concepts.

  • Programme: Education for All
  • You can do business
  • Technowizz competition

Partner programmes

When challenges transcend individual organisations, joining forces with other major players in the region offers not only a better perspective but also greater effectiveness in achieving common goals. Partnership programmes allow for a combination of expertise, resources and networks, creating an environment for innovative and comprehensive approaches to solving complex problems.

  • Reopening the leaning tower of the Church of the Assumption in Ústí nad Labem
  • Become a Patron of Zoo Ústí nad Labem