The project of saving the former cemetery of the original villagers in Všemily in the Děčín Region.
The goal is to create a memorial site, as a reminder of the close coexistence of Czechs and Germans in the Sudeten area. Made by the Dolský mlýn association.

We understand the needs and problems of our region

At the beginning of 2012 we decided to make a unique analysis called “100 Problems – 100 Opportunities for the Ústí Region”, we wanted to identify, formulate and find specific topics that “move” with our community. We wanted to project them into our newly announced grant programs.

After half a year of intensive work, we established a new grant framework for the Foundation. After twenty years when the Foundation was focused on “Building a Social Community”, the new era took the name of “Supporting Local Priorities Set by Local People.”

It is possible to apply for financial support for these activities during the application process in the open grant rounds.

Program pillars
  • People and Places – strengthening the relationship to a place
  • People with People – building human relations
  • People to the Future – heading towards long-term sustainability