Chci darovat

“I have been following the Ústí Community Foundation since its inception. A bunch of enthusiastic people who dedicate their free time to projects that help. I also really liked the idea of managing endowment funds for other people and companies. A service that I think is invaluable for all those who want to help, but perhaps don’t know how or find it administratively difficult. They are an inspiration to me, so when I was looking for a way to systematically support a good cause, I decided to go with them.”

Renata Myslíková, journalist

Every year we support dozens of projects, which are backed by the efforts of hundreds of people who care about the future of this region. Let’s support others together! Here are some ways to support us in our efforts to change the Ústí region for the better. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Donate immediately online

Every donation, whether small, large or one-off, is meaningful and appreciated. At the Foundation, we believe that even small donations can add up and turn into an important financial injection for projects and programs that improve the quality of life in the Ústí region.

Come among us

We have been organizing fundraising events for many years and their popularity continues to grow. More and more people are interested in supporting the work of our foundation. But at the same time they are looking for the opportunity to meet interesting people and important personalities or just to hang out with us. Our traditional fundraising events includefundraising dinnersor you can become a member of our running team for the Mattoni 1/2Marathon Ústí nad Labem.

Set up a fund

Do you regularly support various charitable activities and would you like to give them a strategic and long-term dimension? On the other hand, do you not want to start your own foundation or endowment fund because of the administrative complexity and high costs? Then the solution is to set up your own charitable fund with our foundation. It’s a great way to bring your philanthropic vision to life.

Set up a foundation as an heir

If you are considering appointing a foundation to inherit part or all of your estate, we recommend that you consult a lawyer or notary who will draw up the necessary documents with you. At the same time, it is possible to set up a fund with our foundation during your lifetime. In the statute of such a fund, you can clearly define the purpose and uses of the assets and still test that it works well. The fund will become a permanent reminder of your philanthropy.