“As a company operating in the territory of the Ústí Region, we are definitely interested in the lives of the people around us. That is why we decided to set up our own fund, with which we are trying to help improve interpersonal relations. Social responsibility is very important to us. “

Vlastimil Pavlíček, Air Products Sales Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

We are trusted professionals in the field of donations

Typical donors to our community foundation are local businesses and individuals.

We help to develop donations based on a long-term strategic approach. Donors can direct their help toward a specific area (culture, health, security) or a group of people they want to help by improving their quality of life, i.e. from children’s homes, people with various kinds of disabilities, senior citizens and many others.

The donor, either a business or an individual, is in the position of an investor. As an investor the donor can co-create mechanisms for managing donated funds and influencing the goal of charitable activities.

The strategic approach to donations applied by our Foundation is opposite to one- time charity donations, which people usually make immediately, mostly based on emotions as a response to a specific request.