Chci darovat

“I am a patriot of Litoměřice and I wanted to give young people a chance to show that they are not indifferent to their city. And on top of that, they learn how to administer their projects. I think it has succeeded, as evidenced by the more than twenty projects supported each year. The Donor Advised Fund has also become our flagship corporate social responsibility initiative and a role model for other companies.”

Pavel Šumera, whose Litoměřice company established the HENNLICH Donor Fund at the Ústí Community Foundation more than 18 years ago.

We are a trusted professional in the field of donation

Typical donors to our community foundation are local businesses and individuals. We are committed to helping them develop a long-term, strategic approach to giving. We view a donor’s philanthropy as a long-term investment focused on, for example. on the development of the non-profit organization of his choice, support for a topic close to his heart (culture, health, safety), or a group of people he wants to help and improve their life situation, whether it is helping children from orphanages, people with various types of disabilities, the elderly and many others.

The donor, whether it is a company or an individual, is in the position of an investor, where he co-creates the mechanisms of managing and drawing on donated funds, influences the goal of charitable activities, and monitors the effect of his charity in the long term. This is done with the help of donor funds.

The strategic approach to donation applied by our foundation is to some extent the counterpart of philanthropy, which is implemented on a one-off, ad hoc basis as an immediate, mostly emotional, response to a specific request.