Benefit Dinners are very popular, especially in the United States, because the representatives of cities or regions can get together during these events and, by attending them, show their support both for charity in general and for the specific reason of the Benefit Dinner. No less important are the human and social dimensions, i.e. the opportunity to meet interesting people and personalities and to make new personal, business, and social contacts.

Our guests through the years:
2017 – Magda Vášáryová
2016 – Jaroslav Svěcený
2015 – Jan Pirk
2014 – Jiří Grygar
2013 – Eva Jiřičná
2012 – Meda Marie Mládková
2011 – Marek Eben
2010 – Ladislav Špaček
2009 – Karel Schwarzenberg
2008 – Eliška Hašek Coolidge
2007 – Richard W. Graber
2006 – William J. Cabaniss

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