Every year we prepare various events for our donors, helpers and fans, the popularity of which continues to grow. We believe it´s probably because more and more people are interested in our work and at the same time like the possibility of meeting interesting people and important personalities. Or maybe they just like being with us.

Our main benefit events are the Benefit Dinner with a famous personality, Charity Golf Tournament and Run for Good Causes (Mattoni Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon). If you would like to participate in some of these events, just contact Katka Valešová, email.  katka@komunitninadace.cz.

For information about the Benefit Dinner, famous guests and the amount of money collected click here.

For information about Charity Golf Tournaments, their winners and more click here.

For information about the Run for Good Causes event, how many runners we have and where the money goes to help click here.