Pavel Šumera, whose company founded The HENNLICH Fund 10 years ago.

“We wanted to give our young people a chance to revive our town,” he said.

  • Ten years ago the tradition of supporting the non-profit activities of young people started in Litoměřice almost without notice. Today the HENNLICH Fund, which was initiated by the Executive Director of the company bearing the same name – Pavel Šumera, has contributed to nearly 150 projects. Thus, the non-profit scene in the town has already come a long way.
  • “I am a patron of Litoměřice and I wanted to give young people the chance to show that they like this town and they are not indifferent to it. In addition, they will learn how to manage their projects. Because we support about 20 projects a year I believe this fund to be successful. The Donors Fund has also become our flagship of social responsibility and a model for other companies. Thanks to the cooperation and support from the Ústí Community Foundation, we know that we are doing the right things,” said Pavel Šumera.